Your Italian Rental Villa

Why choose a villa rental in Umbria.

Are you thinking about vacationing in Italy? Do you love the countryside and want to live the unique experience of living in a real medieval village, immersed in tranquility and surrounded by history?

Then Umbria is your destination. Particularly Orvieto and its territory, on the border with Tuscany and Lazio regions, represents a perfect place to combine history, nature, food and wine.

Orvieto is a town in Umbria with over three thousand years of history since before the Etruscan civilization, the Romans, through the Middle Ages. From Orvieto you can also easily reach with one hour or two by train incredible cities such as Rome and Florence, catching a train.

Rocca di Benano is located right in the Umbrian county of Orvieto, in the picturesque and unspoiled medieval village of Benano. Our villa is for rent for you and you only, with large spaces and five large bedrooms providing hospitality to families and groups of friends. For those who love comfort and privacy, the villa is the ideal place for an unforgettable experience and vacation in Umbria.

Villa Rocca di Benano is your ideal solution for at least 5 reasons:

1) You will have the privilege of experiencing your vacation in an authentic Umbrian villa in an intact and fascinating medieval stronghold village.

2) You will have the opportunity to stay in total privacy and tranquility but close to artistic towns such as Orvieto, and less than two hours from Rome and Florence.

3) You will be able to enjoy the wide spaces and the 5 comfortable rooms available in the villa.

4) During your stay in the villa you will have the maximum availability and courtesy from the property staff in giving you tips and advice on what to see and do in the area.

5) From the villa you can comfortably move between three regions of central Italy: Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio (the region of Rome, Bagnoregio and Viterbo), all areas that best represent the Italian traditions and culture.

These are just some of the reasons for choosing your holiday in Umbria at the Villa Rocca di Benano. But we are sure that you will probably find many more reasons to come…