Morning Run

I love my routine, so I’m incorporating the greatest hits from my home routine into its Italian counterpart.  Today I went for a morning run.   My fellow gym-rats at home may be surprised to know that I got off the  treadmill and into the glorious fresh air.

My “running” route starts with a hill that is is too steep to even jog.  I’ll revisit that after my 6 weeks here, but I  think it will always be too steep.  At least it’s short and provides a nice view.  My favorite photo of Benano  is taken from a switchback about mid-way up the hill.  I walk up that hill and call it my warm-up.

The reward at the summit is a long stretch of open and gently rolling road.  It’s a near-ideal walking, jogging, or running  route.  In different seasons, I have seen people working the fields,  but the sheep are my most consistent companions up there.

I ran to the end of the road and back to Benano, where some of my  neighbors were gathered outside.  Had I stopped there, I probably would have gone about 2.5 miles.  My neighbors, who I assume were waiting for one of the merchants to drive up in a truck with produce, bread, cheese, and/or meat, waved to me.  I waved back and signaled “UP!” as I ran by and away from Benano in the other direction.  They laughed.  Were they laughing with me, knowing I was in for a workout, or at me, because I didn’t look capable of running up that hill?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Mercifully, the worst part of that hill is short, too.  Here it is in a photo I just took of it from our dining room window:

My neighbors were still out as I came back in, and I remembered an important Italian word in time to make conversation with them.  I started with, “basta.”  (enough.)

This morning’s routine certainly didn’t feel very routine.