Sheep … and Sorano and Sovana

I’m lucky to have company on this trip, and lucky to have friends who write blog posts.  My friend Aileen contributed this:

I’m not sure if it’s my love of yarn that makes me love sheep, or vice versa, but there’s something special about seeing pastures of sheep throughout the Italian countryside.


Their coats are long this time of year and they seemed warm and content as they watched us drive toward the tufa towns of Southern Tuscany.


It’s hard not to ooh and aah as you drive around a curve and catch your first glimpse (or second or third) of these Tuscan hill towns.  Built upon tufa rock, they seem to reach to the sky yet balance precariously on earth.  Each has a charm of its own.

Image 19

Sorano (La Città del Tufo) was our first stop. The panoramic views from the piazza were beautiful, even on a cloudy day in winter.



There is also a lovely antique store run by Alessandro and his lovely wife Rikke, a Swedish transplant to Italy.

Image 1

We stopped for a delicious lunch right in the center of the tiny town of San Quirico. Homemade fettuccini al pomodoro seems like heaven compared to my out-of-a-box pasta and out-of-a-jar sauce at home.


We continued on to Sovana, with its beautiful medieval clock and bell tower that make you feel as if you’re living in another time.  The Cathedral (Cattedrale) in Sovana was built in the 11th century – absolutely amazing to me.  Its architecture is stunning with its criss-crossed stone ceiling, striped columns and curved archways throughout the church.



Karen showed me the leather shop in Sovana that had been recommended by other friends, but alas, it was closed for the winter.  Probably a good thing for my pocketbook.